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"CCLO was a great environment to discover early on if I wanted to pursue acting as a profession. It was there I first discovered my love of the stage. CCLO also instilled the tools I needed as a child to get into a performing arts high school and start my journey to becoming a professional actor." 




  •  Conservatory-level training without Conservatory-level "competition."  We develop well-rounded and capable performers, as well as well-rounded and capable people by valuing, honoring and respecting the tremendous power of each participant's potential to participate in the Theatrical Arts.

  • We are an Educational Theatre Company that truly understands the value of activated, experiential, and thoughtful Learning. We do not believe in rushing, minimizing or dismissing the production process; process and product receive equal billing.

  • We continually develop, incorporate and apply Creativity and Innovation so the process of learning is joyful, evolving, appealing, and accessible for every student, every skill level, every learning style, every stamina, every Schema. 

  • CCLO has an unyielding “Ensemble Philosophy:" productions, classes, and projects are tailored to incorporate and honor each participant’s strengths and uniquenesses, be they members of the cast, crew, production team, design team, or pit.

  • CCLO brings words like 'supportive,' 'safe,' 'nurturing,' 'accepting,' 'tolerant,' 'bolstering' and 'validating' to life.

  • Our programs provide multiple opportunities for accomplishment and ownership: two building blocks fostering confidence and self-celebration.

  • CCLO's energetic, organized, seasoned and passionate Staff members not only have professional experience in Theatre, but are trained Educators, as well. We do not achieve results by exercising ego, 'playing politics,' or existing in a hierarchy. 

  • Our programs are designed specifically around the needs and experiences of each of our students. We take moments to get to know each one, and inspire all to *uncover abilities, as well as *embrace reluctances and *conquer trepidations. (*These skills are necessary for all stages and phases of theatrical and personal growth and development.)

  • We utilize Theatre to provide participants with tools for individual and group success not only on stage, but off of the stage, as well. Learning at CCLO is reflected in rehearsal, in performance and beyond. Theatre with CCLO is dress rehearsal for life. 

  • Throughout the years, our students have yielded higher test scores, enjoyed elevated confidence in the classroom, shown greater involvement in school activities, and have been accepted at top colleges and Universities in both Arts-focused and non-Arts related degree programs.

  • CCLO company members, as well as their families, return to work and volunteer with CCLO long after their "graduation" from the program. Close and long-lasting bonds of friendship are always established: some alums and their families are celebrating more than 30 years together! 

  • At CCLO, we believe in the power of generating and sharing Energy, and we instill in our students an understanding of, and appreciation for, the tremendous ability Theatre has to touch and transform people’s lives.

*BEST OF L.A. - L.A. Parent Magazine
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Numerous NATIONAL YOUTH ARTS Awards and Nominations
in both Senior and Junior Division!
Outstanding Production
Outstanding Ensemble,
Best Direction
Best Musical Direction
Best Scenic Design
Outstanding Leading Actress
Outstanding Leading Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Supporting Actor

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