Welcome to our "web homage" celebrating the nearly 30 years of

 magnificent moments, memories and milestones we shared!

Photos, videos, testimonials, applause, stories,

and our staff and alumni archives are yours to explore!


CCLO Mainstage Summer Theatre Conservatory 2008 photo: John Ong

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CCLO Mainstage Summer Theatre Conservatory 2012 photo: John Ong

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CCLO Mainstage Summer Theatre Conservatory 2013 photo: John Ong

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CHICAGO, Broadway: Annie, u/s Velma Kelly

PIPPIN, Broadway: Leading Player

PIPPIN, 1st National & International Tours: Leading Player

AMERICAN IDIOT, 1st National Tour: Whatshername

"CCLO completely set the groundwork for my love of musical theatre. As a young,  restless kid with loads of energy, I needed to express myself most authentically.

I thank Diane Feldman for being a pioneer for young, aspiring dreamers and for helping them make their dreams a reality. CCLO gave me belief in myself and my talents, and I am forever grateful!"  



CCLO had a glorious and unforgettable run!

90% of our participants and their families remain in close contact today:

we remain in close contact with 90% of our participants.

Many alumni are enjoying lucrative theatrical, television, film and music careers

as performers, designers, producers, writers, and the list extends.

All alumni are succeeding in their chosen fields of passion, from nursing to science, law to education, owning businesses to selling real estate ... and this list extends.

(We continue to hear stories about how 'growing up theatrically'

has benefitted them all along their way!)

We have proudly inspired the establishment of several youth theatre companies across Los Angeles - from Culver City to Beverly Hills, Santa Monica

to West Hollywood.

When opportunities present themselves, we continue to gather together in creativity to pursue brand new projects and processes.

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Our staff and students continue to evolve and expand upon their knowledge and capabilities: learning and growing are lifelong endeavors - on stage - and off! 

COMMITMENT to our participants

It was our Mission to positively affect the lives of our students.


With an emphasis on strengthening self-celebration and awareness, our award-winning company challenged individuals to grow artistically, personally and academically through professional training in a non-competitive, validating, interactive, activated environment where energy, teamwork, honesty, authenticity, and trust were key.


Our distinctive approach and pedagogies enabled us to build powerful ensembles and inspire students, families and staff, alike, to share in creative and innovative processes filled with pride, accomplishment, and joy.


All programs were designed as intermediaries between Educational Theatre and the professional stage.


Our high theatrical standards, belief in the empowering and transformative effects of the theatrical process, and unparalleled commitment to all participants enabled us to achieve our Mission for almost 30 years. 

And, we could not be more proud of the everlasting results.

CCLO: Where every participant thrived!