"The idea of School and the idea of Theatre are nothing but the same idea. They were born together."
~ Jean Cocteau ~

Founder, Diane Feldman, explores deeper themes with the cast of ONCE UPON A MATTRESS.  Supporting efforts is Assistant Lighting Designer, Coby Chasman-Beck. (2009)

About CCLO

Founded in 1987 by Diane Feldman, CHILDREN’S CIVIC LIGHT OPERA (CCLO) is a comprehensive theatre company dedicated to providing quality experiences and opportunities in the Performing Arts. We specialize in Musical Theatre, Drama, Educational Theatre, Exploratory Creative Dramatics and Theatre for Social/Emotional Wellness, for children, teenagers and young adults. Additionally, we provide training and opportunity for students interested in pursuing Theatrical Design, Technical Theatre and or Theatrical Management and Producing.

Through classes, workshops, Conservatories and productions, we open doors for creative expression and performance. We encourage students to excavate and discover unknown talents, cultivate the undeveloped ones, and expand upon their existing skills. We inspire students to apply their full theatrical and personal potential.

We teach participants to have trust in and rely on themselves, both as individuals and as part of an Ensemble. We provide opportunities for students to experience the power and magic of live theatre as performers and observers, thinkers and commentators. Our belief is that each student is valuable and possesses unique capabilities, so we encourage and welcome our participant's thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. Each individual is a significant contributor to every process and every project.

We impart skills that can be applied both on, and off of "the stage," and use theatrical modes and methods to develop well-rounded, self-assured performers, and well-rounded, self-assured people. CCLO is a safe, supportive, energetic, engaging, activated, bolstering, validating and nurturing environment, so our students feel comfortable exploring, experimenting with, and exercising their theatrical and personal skills, and confidently applying them in rehearsal, in performance, and beyond.

Our high theatrical standards, belief in the theatrical process and unparalleled commitment to all participants, enable us to achieve our mission year after year. The stage is our research lab and our classroom: the students our research partners and textbooks. We celebrate every Theatrician! 

*BEST OF L.A. - L.A. Parent Magazine
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Numerous NATIONAL YOUTH ARTS Awards and Nominations
in both Senior and Junior Division!
Outstanding Production
Outstanding Ensemble,
Best Direction
Best Musical Direction
Best Scenic Design
Outstanding Leading Actress
Outstanding Leading Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Supporting Actor

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