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90% of our participants and their families remain in close contact today:

we remain in close contact with 90% of our participants.

Many alumni are enjoying lucrative theatrical, television, film and music careers

as performers, designers, producers, writers, and the list extends.

All alumni are succeeding in their chosen fields of passion, from nursing to science, law to education, owning businesses to selling real estate ... and this list extends.

(We continue to hear stories about how 'growing up theatrically'

has benefitted them all along their way!)

We have proudly inspired the establishment of several youth theatre companies across Los Angeles - from Culver City to Beverly Hills, Santa Monica

to West Hollywood.

When opportunities present themselves, we continue to gather together in creativity to pursue brand new projects and processes.

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Our staff and students continue to evolve and expand upon their knowledge and capabilities: learning and growing are lifelong endeavors - on stage and off! 

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